Benefits Of Going Back To School To Get Your GED

15 June 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

It's possible to drop out of high school for a wide range of reasons, but you don't have to feel as though it's too late to return. Whether you're a few years removed from high school or it's been a couple decades since you cracked the books, visiting an adult education center to obtain your GED is an investment in yourself. Obtaining your GED not only provides you with a high degree of self-satisfaction, but it can also set a positive example if you have children. Here are some other benefits of returning to the classroom and working toward obtaining your GED.

Better Pay

When you didn't complete high school, it can be difficult to obtain the job of your choice. As such, you'll often find yourself in a career that doesn't offer high wages. On average, those who do not complete high school earn slightly more than $20,000 per year. Those who earn their high school equivalency can expect to earn around $30,000, by way of contrast. This means that by enrolling in a GED program at an adult education center, you'll end up earning around $10,000 extra per year. When you consider this added income on an annual basis, the decision to return for your GED can greatly improve your financial situation.

Chance At Pursuing Your Career Goals

Once you've earned your GED, you can consider your career goals and think of how to accomplish them. For some people, the next logical choice is to enroll in college, study a program of interest and seek employment in a related field. By earning your GED, you're one step closer to realizing this dream. Having a GED can help you enroll in all community colleges and many four-year college programs, too. In most scenarios, you cannot attend college without a high school diploma or GED, so the progress you make at your adult education center will set you on the proper path for continuing your education.

Less Risk Of Incarceration

Even if you're currently keeping on the straight and narrow, it can be difficult to predict how your life will turn out as a high school dropout. Unfortunately, those who do not finish high school are more at risk of running into trouble with the law. Dropouts are at least eight times more likely to experience incarceration than those who graduate high school. By earning your GED, you're putting this concerning statistic behind you.

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